Shari LaGrange-Aulich, MA LMLP

Shari is a clinical psychologist and beekeeper who works with trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety who is passionate about helping service members and veterans recover from combat-related psychological and integration issues. She has trained at the Beck Institute for suicidality and depression and presented on moral injury and posttraumatic growth in military populations at various national psychological conventions. She has a history with the military as an Army “brat”. She is dedicated to working to help reduce the 22 veterans and one active duty service member death by suicide that is occurring daily. She is excited to serve those who have served our country to overcome obstacles to growth and find meaning through successful transitioning into agricultural careers. She is currently acting as a board member for the SAVE farm as a clinical advisor. She is currently developing a treatment manual to integrate Cognitive Behavioral techniques with Interpersonal skills to enhance healing and growth for students at the SAVE farm.

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