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SAVE is a registered charitable organization in Kansas and a 501c3 Corporation.

Our employer ID is 81-0734441.

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SAVE - Farm Needs List as of January 2018

        Disk 12'-18' with 22 in blades
        Plow 4-5 bottom semi mount
        Field Cultivator 26' (We now have this thanks to Marvin Hachmeister)
        Leveling drag

        10-15' grain drill (We now have this thanks to The Nature Conservancy)
        Planter 4-6 rows

        No till drill, 6 row ( We now have this thanks to The Nature Conservancy)
        Crop sprayer
        Rototiller, 3 pt

        Combine, small
        Round baler
        Square baler, small std
        Hay rake
        Haybine 12’ (self propelled preferred)
        Grain truck or trucks

(Thanks to Concordia Tractor Inc for helping us harvest with John Deere equipment and to MTC COOP for agronomy support and grain hauling. Great support from great people)

        Wagons, hay racks
        Grain wagons
        Fork lift for bee shop, 2 ton

        Tractor, 50-80 hp with bucket
        Skid loader with bucket, forks    
        Trailer. 20’ open
        Mower; 3pt grass, weeds, brush (We now have this thanks to The Nature Conservancy)
        Chain saw; 2ea with fuel containers
        Pressure washer
        Cattle trailer
        Seed bins, 500 -1000 bushel
        Auger, tractor mount, PTO

        Rough Terrain fork lift for bee moves
        Basic farm tools
    20’ containers – 2 ea    
    Fuel tanks (600 gal)
    Fence posts, gates and wire for quarter section, 5 strand barb wire
    Electric fence and rods for quarter section
    Grain bins, 500-1000 bu
             Pressure washer
            Lawn mower
            Chain saw, 2 with accessories and fuel containers (We now have 1 chain saw thanks to Concordia Tractor)
            Rototillers, self propelled, 2
    Seed. Soy Bean, alfalfa, wheat, corn, grain sorghum, clover, wild flower (All soy bean seed donated by Corteva/Pioneer Seed along with agronomy support)
    Animal feed and minerals



      Currently lease and farm 320 acres. Need $1.4 mil to purchase to enable site development in accordance with KSU developed design.



    Water Well. (well is in, will be tested. Also Rural Water line to property)    

    Electricity. Westar provides  

    Toilets. Currently need Porta-Potties, but can put in septic system