Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

  • January

  • June

  • August

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone and everyone

What is available?

  • Certifications

  • Job Skills

  • Internships

How do I apply?

What should I expect after applying?

  • We will get in contact with you.

Is transportation available?

  •  Due to the nature of this unique training program, our farm is located about ten miles from where classes are taught. It is the student's responsibility to get themselves to class. If you lack transport, SAVE might be able to offer assistance.

Learning about corn

What classes are taught in summer?

  • Welding, mechanical, and woodworking

  • Spring and fall focus on our other classes

I thought classes were at the farm?

  • Hands-on training is at the farm. All other classes are taught in a traditional classroom environment.

  • Typically, students spend the morning in the classroom and the afternoon at the farm.

Do you help find and put base inexpensive land for veterans?

  • No, we are setup to provide AG training as well as linking students, interns, and volunteers with successful producers.  The relationships may or may not lead to land acquisition.

Do you have team members looking for work in AG?

  • We nearly always have volunteers and students looking for work in the field.  Send us an email to define what you're looking for; we'll do our best to link you up with your ideal employee.

Does SAVE have housing?

  • No. SAVE does not offer student housing. However, there are some apartment complexes located a short distance from the college. Manhattan Tech can provide you with a My Renter’s Guide to assist you in locating a place to live.

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