TRAINING. Training is an 12 month, fully accredited, certificate awarding program. Over 450 have been trained so far. Our training is covered by financial aid, GI Bill, Voc Rehab, and scholarships. The program is comprised of several compatible components

  • Academic Courses

  • Technical Training

  • Hands-on Training

  • Internships

  • Farm Tours

ACADEMICS. Academic courses are offered though accredited educational institutions. Courses are a combination of on-site and on-line. Major course work is in Crops (to include specialty crops), Animals, Food Processing, Precision Agriculture, and financial operations.  


TECHNICAL TRAINING. Training is provided to ensure students have the basic skills required to operate and maintain a farm. Technical training through Manhattan area Technical College offers 3 months of Technical Training in Welding and Metal working; Vehicle Mechanics; and Woodworking and Construction.


HANDS-ON.  SAVE Farm Managers and Academic Instructors provide hands-on practical training to ensure students can perform the tasks they will require in order to operate a successful farm. Hands-on training is generally held in the afternoons, with academics conducted in the mornings.


INTERNSHIPS. To date, SAVE has trained over 63 in an Intern program. The Intern program pairs Interns with Farmers/Ranchers on a working farm. SAVE provides stipends for both the Interns and the farmers. SAVE has had great success placing Interns on farms following completion. Follow-up training is also available.



Golden Prairie Honey Farms (GPHF)

Woodworking training including the building of livestock sheds and beehives occurs at the farm production site, 8859 Green Valley Drive, Unit 4, Manhattan, KS. 1 week of training occurs immediately after the MATC training. Beekeeping training also occurs at this site and for those who wish to learn at the apprentice, journeyman, and master levels, training occurs at the SAVE/Golden Prairie apiaries and in the honey production center.


SAV 201 Woodworking – TBD


            SAV 101 Apprentice – 3hr

            SAV 102 Journeyman – 3hr

            SAV 101 Master – 4hr


Kansas State University (KSU)

Workshops and tours occur on the Kansas State University Student Farm and other facilities periodically throughout the year.

Farm Tours

SAVE sponsors farm tours most every Friday during the growing season, in order to familiarize students/participants with a diverse variety of agribusiness operations and methods. Participants visit local crop or animal farms and agribusiness programs. The participants receive informative tours at a wide variety of farming and ranching operations, as well as supportive agricultural industries.  Tour program intent is to immerse participants into as many such programs as are available/ possible during the Tour season, find ag-resources and support, explore networking opportunities, learn about available funding/grants, learn about internship possibilities, and establish connections with similar organizations in attendee’s home state. Tour goals include participant exposure to KS producers who can well articulate their operation with details about production, costs, gains, time-frames, equipment requirements, lessons learned, and possible veteran mentoring/ succession. 

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