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SAVE is a registered charitable organization in Kansas and a 501c3 Corporation.

Our employer ID is 81-0734441.


If you are interested in joining our January 2020 cohort, please  visit our partner, Cloud County Community College, and enroll through them. 

We have our main start dates in January, May, and August. We do allow flexible enrollment during March and mid-October.

Note: Spring 2020 Schedule does include the Cooperative Education Internship course, for 4 credit hours, for hands-on experiences at the SAVE Farm.  Students will also need to complete a math general education course (Survey of Math, Intermediate Algebra, or College Algebra, to fulfil the requirements of the 16 hr Ag Production and Services certificate.

Spring 2020 Semester

"There wasn't an avenue to agriculture.  I always wanted to farm but didn't have the right people to help me. Save helped me do that."

"The SAVE program has given me hope again. I was lost for many years, and the program has allowed me to see a future."

We partner with Cloud County Community College, Manhattan Area Technical College, and Kansas State University for our curriculum.


Our partner, Konza Prairie Community Health Center, provides free therapy for PTSD or other generalized anxiety disorders, Marriage and Family Counseling, Adaptation to physical disabilities, Occupational therapy to assist in post-training placement on farms or in other agricultural settings.

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