Beekeeping from basic to light commercial


Beekeeping classes are currently taught to all students wishing to learn. Classroom and hands on training brings all students through basic beekeeping culminating in harvesting and bottling honey. Upon completion of training, students will be able to manage a honey producing operation as a hobbyist or as a commercial business.

A USDA grant will enable us to grow our apiaries to 500 colonies over the next year. We will begin moving our colonies to California to pollinate almonds next year. Our program works with all levels to attain apprentice, journeyman or master beekeeper status. Part of our program is on-line while simultaneously learning hands-on.   

We now have a beekeeping supply training opportunity as part of our program. Veterans and service members make and sell a wide variety of beekeeping equipment. Everything you need to keep bees! As part of the this endeavor, we train in woodworking, metal working, and retail business operations.

Contact us if you are interested in these training opportunities! And see our accredited academic program under the Student Manual and Course Offerings tab.

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